Innovative, helps you distinguish from the crowd.

Picvie BizPro visual aids/brochures are multi-media visual aids on Tabs/Smartphones that are innovative as different types of media (pictures, videos, audios, web links, pdfs, excels, word docs and ppts) is being presented from a single platform seamlessly. It is a well know fact that companies create marketing materials in multiple formats but endup under utilising most of them. Picvie BizPro offers easy merging of all marketing formats to create visual aids/brochures that offer 360 degree view of the product.

Creates impact, ensures product recall.

With hundreds of product being launched every year, static images with verbose product presentations are monotonous and fail to make any impact on the customer. Imagine your field sales representative presenting a product page followed by a video testimonial which is then authenticated by an external resource (web page) and closes the sales call by sharing a latest report on the product. The resulting impact would be enormous, this ensures product recall.


Reduce Marketing Spend

Printing visual aids/brochures form a significant part of the marketing budget, distributing this resources to the field sales takes lot of time and effort. With Picvie BizPro visual aids/brochures your printing cost would almost be negligible. With a onetime investment on a Tab and the app your HQ Product teams creates a multi-media visual aid (using Picvie BizPro Builder) and pushes it on to the field staff Tabs in matter of minutes.

Arm your field sales team stay ahead of competition.

With Picvie BizPro visual aids/brochures you can update your visual aids as frequently as you wish. With no constraint of cost on printing, the Product Marketing teams can add a latest video testimonial, study or a report and ensure your field sales stays ahead of competition all the time.


Share information with a click.

A customer asks for the report your field sales just quoted, by just clicking on the share button your field sales can send it to the customer’s mail, that simple!

Know how you are performing

Customers feedback on the marketing materials are hardly received back at the HO, even if received is subject to individual’s biases and doesn’t form any usable input.

With Picvie BizPro you can know which page/info is getting used, for how long, info in which format is received well etc. All this is collected and relayed remotely without the sales reps interference, hence can form useful data while creating future marketing materials.

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Engaging multi-media product presentations/brochures in minutes, arm your field sales with the latest.

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