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Picvie BizPro e-detailing aids merges pictures, videos, audios,web links, pdfs, excels, docs and ppts. BizPro helps the pharma representative stand apart and get noticed in the crowded marketplace. For the marketing departments, Picvie BizPro helps them to update their product portfolios/brochures as and when they want, almost instantly, and at absolutely no cost.

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For Pharma Representatives

The biggest challenge for a pharma representative is to get Drs attention long enough to inform about the drug and register his brand. This is especially difficult given that the number of pharma companies vying for his attention and number of products launched have increased dramatically.

Picvie BizPro e-detailing aid is a multimedia product detailing aid that combines pictures, videos, audios, web links, pdfs, excels, docs and ppts. BizPro helps the pharma representative get more time in the Drs chamber which ensures better brand recall and higher sales.

Drs check the veracity of the product claims made by the company by seeking additional information, particularly true when a new product is launched, the information usually gets shared but while the context is lost.

With Picvie BizPro e-detailing aids the reports, videos or any information sought by the Dr gets shared immediately, with a click of the button, this enhances Drs confidence to prescribe the product resulting in immediate prescriptions.

Visual aids are monotonous, can present only images hence has a limitation on the amount of info that can be presented. Visual aids become bulky and get worn out with usage, they are costly to print and not environment friendly. Alternatively, laptops take eternity to come-up which leads to awkward moments in the Drs chamber and might result in a no-call.

Picvie BizPro e-detailing aids on Tab/iPad are lightweight, come-up in seconds and offer an array of information in various format (Images, videos, weblink, pdfs, slideshows...). It allows the representative to detail the products professionally anywhere, even in an elevator or a car park.

For Marketing Departments

Information on printed visual aids cannot be changed, any new product update will have to wait for the next print or be given out as a product leave behind which means additional time and cost.

Picvie BizPro offers a simple way to update content by in-house marketing teams in matter of minutes. Time sensitive information can be shared with the medical reps, and thus with the Drs, securely while saving both on cost and time.

Printing visual aids multiple times every couple of months forms significant portion of the marketing budget. Added to this is the cost of leave-behinds and reports that end-up on Drs table. All this printing makes a company look green Un-friendly.

Picvie BizPro is a digital platform, nothing gets print hence no trees cut. Even with a onetime cost on iPads/Tabs, companies see tremendous ROI in a year’s time.

Any printed product material takes time to reach the medical rep, chances of the they getting lost or misplaced also exist.

With Picvie BizPro , product portfolios are created at the HO and uploaded to public/private cloud which is then downloaded by pharma representative’s onto iPad/Tab the very next instant using secure authentication. Hence, Picvie BizPro offers a secure, easy and instant way of distributing e-detailing aids.

Drs feedback on the information printed in visual aids are hardly received back at the HO, even if received is subject to individual’s biases and doesn’t form any usable input.

With Picvie BizPro you can know which page/info is getting used, for how long, info in which format is received well etc. All this is collected and relayed remotely without the pharma reps interference, hence can form useful data while creating future marketing materials.

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