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Picvie BizPro offers 360 degree view of your property. Help your prospects visualize the property using multimedia formats-photos, walk through videos, floor plans,illustrations,maps of the landscape, apartment or amenities.


Help your prospects visualize the property using multimedia formats – photos, walk through videos, floor plans, illustrations, maps of the landscape, apartment or amenities.

The prospect downloads the app once and uses it in multiple ways, as a prospect he receives project launches and updates, once he becomes a customer he can use the same app to get project updates, payment schedule...

Picvie BizPro can be used to showcase multiple properties (apartments, commercial, retail, hospitality...) and used by multiple users (marketing , sales, prospect or customer)

With Picvie BizPro, project portfolios are created at the HO and uploaded to public/private cloud which is then downloaded by users onto their iPad/Tab the very next instant using secure authentication. Hence, Picvie BizPro offers a secure, easy and instant way of distributing project info.

Unlike paper brochure which is left behind, the app on the prospects mobile/tab stays with him till he is ready to make a decision offering him all the important information to help him arrive at it.

No more printing costly paper brochure, share a brochure or any document with just one single click.

Picvie BizPro offers a simple way to update content by in-house marketing teams, in matter of minutes. Time sensitive information can be shared with field sales securely while saving both on cost and time.

With Picvie BizPro you can know which page/info was being viewed, for how long, info in which format was received well etc. All this is collected and relayed remotely without the user’s interference, hence can form useful data while creating future marketing materials.

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